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Carpet Windows

Our Carpet Cleaning always includes pre-spotting for professional cleaning that is residue free and safe for all carpets and fabric; we use hot water extraction using Pro Chem (r) products. We also have a dry foam procedure so that you can walk on the carpet immediately.


Blinds & Curtains

Let the sun shine in a whole different way! We do windows & mini-blinds. We can remove blinds carefully to avoid damaging, carefully work around or move your furnishings and take care not to track dirt on your carpet and floors and respect your working environment. Our specially trained staff has been providing this service for many years and know how important all these things are. And while we’re at it, do you have some high light fixtures or vaulted ceilings that need dusting and cleaning? We can do it!



Stone such as marble can be vitrified (putting the shine back on the floor) via our specialist processing. We also specialise in granite, slate or other natural stone and ceramic tile and grout and we have partner companies for more challenging restoration work.


Additional Work

We also provide trained personnel for Construction, electrical work and post remodelling clean up.

We also provide this service subject to your requirements on request!



Daily Office Cleaning

Precise Cleaners Ltd provides a flexible, bespoke office cleaning service with skilled, experienced office cleaners to suit the needs of the modern office environment.

  • Waste paper bin and recycling collection
  • Carpet vacuum and cleaning
  • Floor cleaning and polishing
  • General dusting and polishing
  • Doorframe and surface cleaning
  • Phone and keyboard sterilising
  • Hygienic toilet cleaning
  • Windows cleaned (internally)
  • Upholstery and fabrics vacuumed

As well as meeting your daily office cleaning needs, we offer other specialist services:

  • Washroom cleaning & hygiene
  • Laundry service
  • Window and sign cleaning
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning (wet and dry)
  • Hard floor, vinyl, marble and linoleum floor treatments
  • Janitorial supplies
  • Computer and telephone equipment cleaning
  • Spring and high level 'deep' cleaning
  • Pressure/jet washing
  • Venetian blind cleaning
  • Maintenance, painting and decorating contracting
  • Waste removal


Instore Cleans

Here at Precise Cleaners Ltd we know that customer satisfaction starts with the impression your store makes on them as soon as they walk in. We have been cleaning store fronts for many years and our staff are especially careful to clean around displays and return all items to their correct places so your store can be sparkly and inviting to the very first customer through the door!


  • Carpet vacuum and cleaning
  • Floor cleaning and polishing
  • General dusting and polishing
  • Doorframe and surface cleaning
  • Product dusting and replacement
  • Product shelving dusting and polishing
  • Fabric cleaning
  • Chandelier cleaning




Carpets & upholstery

Your carpets play an important role in maintaining a healthy and presentable office environment to your staff and your visitors.  Carpeting acts as a filter that collects and absorbs airborne pollutants such as allergens, pollen and dust mites, particularly in areas with heavy footfall.  Once these carpet filters are saturated, the surplus pollutants and allergens may rise into the air you breathe resulting in an unhealthy indoor environment for you and your staff.  In addition, bacteria, soil and grit are major causes of carpet wear and tear.

After fitting, you should follow a routine of vacuuming and regular professional carpet cleaning.  This will ensure that your carpets are both functional and still aesthetically pleasing.  A programme of scheduled care and maintenance will take proper care of your carpets and prolong their useful life.

For many of our 'daily cleaning' clients we will also perform a 'spring clean' or 'deep clean' which invariably includes the carpets or upholstery.  If you are considering an annual 'spring clean' please contact us for a quote for your professional carpet and upholstery care needs.

  • Use of high grade, professional commercial carpet cleaning products & equipment that holds industry endorsements and accreditations
  • Minimal disruption to your business operation
  • Faster drying carpets, fabrics & upholstery
  • Can use a dry carpet cleaning process which is completely safe not toxic to the office environment and its users
  • Provide a thorough deep down professional clean
  • Deliver service levels that will delight you at all times
  • Present a carpet cleaning service that is great value for money

Contact us at Precise Cleaners Ltd today via our contact form to discuss having a professional carpet clean to revitalise and give your carpeted floors a new lease of life.


Hard Floor Cleaning

In today's modern office environment, hard flooring is one of the most common types of flooring due to its durability and highly practical aspects from a cleaning and maintenance perspective.  As with carpet, this type of flooring also requires a planned schedule of cleaning and maintenance to prevent wear and tear.  For instance, natural materials such as wood always look impressive when new but can degrade quite rapidly if not cared for in the appropriate ways.

To ensure your hard surfaces stays in perfect condition, we can produce a customised hard floor cleaning and maintenance plan for your environment.  We tailor our cleaning system to every type of floor surface, including marble, stone, wood and rubber. Our methods and processes mean that our various cleaning systems use minimal amounts of chemicals - we use a wide range of quality products and equipment including diamond cutting surface preparation and final polishing pads to protect and seal the floor to a high gloss level and provide slip resistant finishes.

Washroom services:

Total Clean provides a full range of washroom services including the collection and disposal of sanitary waste, replenishment of soap dispensers and air fresheners.

Sanitary Waste

The sanitary waste legislation obliges all commercial premises in the United Kingdom to have appropriate facilities for the disposal of sanitary waste and that such waste be collected and disposed of by a registered waste carrier.  This legislation imposes a Duty of Care on all employers and business owners.

  • Toilet paper, hand towel and soap system replenishment
  • Air fresheners
  • Sanitary disposal service
  • Product delivery and installation by qualified service personnel
  • Complete product maintenance
  • Flexible service arrangements to suit your requirement


Janitorial Supplies

As a complement to our daily office cleaning and carpet and hard floor cleaning and maintenance services in the London area, Precise Cleaners Ltd offer a unique janitorial supplies service to all our office cleaning clients.  Our experience provides the full range of janitorial equipment and janitorial cleaning product supplies at very competitive rates.

Our services benefit clients by automatically re-ordering, delivering and placing into stock all your janitorial cleaning supplies, ensuring that you never run out.  Our purchasing power means that being supplied through us we will save you money

Laundry Service

We cater for all business types throughout London - so, whatever the size of your business, we can produce a bespoke package to suit your needs.

We offer very competitive rates on all types of commercial laundry from overalls to linen with fast turnaround times and excellent results.

We collect, wash, dry and fold your laundry using only environmentally friendly products.  We also endeavour to operate a green approach in all aspects of our business.  We deliver fast turnaround times and can offer special care processing for delicate items as standard practice for all our clients.



Builder & Tenancy Cleans

Builders Clean

It's no secret that building work can be messy; dust, dirt and debris can be kicked up by even the smallest jobs, and extensive building jobs often mean it's time to call in the experts. From home improvements to redevelopments or even brand new buildings, good practice can often mean ensuring the building is spotless for decorating.  As a cleaning company that is reactive to client's needs and call-outs, Precise Cleaners Ltd recognise that Builders Cleans are time sensitive and require the cleaning provider to be flexible to the client needs.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

The Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning is highly recommended for letting agents, tenants and landlords and is a fully guaranteed service, meaning you need never second-guess what's happening in your property.

We understand the criteria and high standards that estate agents and inventory companies require from a Professional End of Tenancy Clean. By way of an example, a 3-bedroom flat would use 2-3 cleaners for approximately 20 hours.  We operate to a set specification on each clean. If you have any special requests, we can incorporate this into the clean as part of your plan or one-off billing.

As one of London's premiere cleaning companies, we are able to be highly reactive to your cleaning needs.  We can generally be on site within only a few short hours to carry out the work.


Deep Cleans

Deep cleans include everything from skirting boards to high levels.

Perhaps your building requires something a bit more thorough than your regular daily clean, especially buildings and areas with high footfall.


Leather Cleaning

  • Leather chair cleaning
  • Leather conditioning
  • Leather sofa & armchair cleaning
  • Leather wall-panel cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning

Leather cleaning is always complimented and followed by complimentary leather conditioning. Leather conditioning ensures your leather gets valuable stain protection, increases suppleness and ensures it lasts that extra bit longer.

Because there is no drying time, leather can be cleaned at any time, both within normal working hours or outside working hours during the week or at the weekend, to suit you. Most leather is cleaned by hand using ProChem chemicals, widely recognised to be the best specialist chemicals on the market.