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Q: What areas do you cover in the UK?

London: West End, City Central and Greater London Areas.

Q: Who will be cleaning my office?

A team of professional cleaners, trained and employed by Precise Cleaners Ltd will be taking care of your office.  We understand this is an important consideration and appreciate the confidence our clients have placed in us and our affiliates. Firstly, Precise Cleaners Ltd is a not a franchise, we are a specialised business. Secondly, you will be given a consistent cleaning team so there isn’t a different individual in your office each week. We complete a background check on all employees for your additional protection. As you develop a relationship with your cleaning team, you can have the confidence that your office will be taken care of properly. We develop long-term relationships that are based on trust.

Q: Do I have to be available when the cleaning occurs?

That is up to you. We are happy to work with you either way.  Most of our clients are not available when we clean.  After a long business day, they enjoy returning to a clean office/store environment.  Included as part of our training, we are happy to arm your security system when we leave if you wish.

Q: Do you offer a carpet and floor cleaning service?

Yes.  This is priced per occurrence.

Q: Am I protected while my premises are being cleaned?

Absolutely. We are fully insured and licensed for your protection. Each employee is required to complete our formal training program which includes a component on safety.

Q: Do you offer one-off cleaning?

Yes. We offer one-off cleaning services for commercial premises and end of tenancy cleans.

Q: Can you wash our Uniforms, Kitchen and/or Bathroom towels?

Yes. We offer a laundry services to most of our customers.

Q: Do we need to supply the cleaning supplies?

Not necessarily, we have access to the supplier’s market so we can offer all your janitorial supplies e.g. paper towels, toilet rolls, hand soap etc.

Q: Do you do maintenance cleaning for vinyl floors and hard floors?

Yes. We can clean mechanically most of the vinyl floors and hard floors. Also, we can strip and polish vinyl floors and marble.

Q: Do You Offer any Guarantees with your service?

Yes, you always get what we have agreed.

Q: How do you solve disputes?

We always listen to our customer’s feedback, we feel that given the opportunity to make their point most customers are happy with the service provided. Feel free to browse our testimonials section and see what some of our clients have to say about us.